Teardown & Relocation

Move Your Furniture Hassle-Free

On The Level Installations focuses on making complex relocation projects as un-invasive for our clients as possible. We are able to work around the needs and schedules of clients and end-users to reduce or remove the down time for our clients.

Our services include:

  • OTLI can inventory your existing products and assist in ensuring that they will fit in your new space.
  • OTLI protects your furniture to make sure that you end up with furniture that looks as good in the new site as it did when we took it out of the old space with no leftover parts and pieces.
  • We have experience in having to do some re-design work to help you get the most out of your existing products in a new floor plan.
  • OTLI can supply labels, machine carts, boxes or Ecrates that allow easier packing and moving and potential to lock each crate, and work with you to make sure you have the supplies needed for your relocation far enough ahead of time to simplify your relocation.
  • OTLI routinely works nights, weekends, and holidays to minimize disruption to your business.

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